The Nikster

The Bucket/Dream List:
(This will be updated frequently)
Some are planned goals, some are dreams that I would love to be able to do.

  • Spend a significant period of time in the U.K. (especially Scotland).  Maybe even live there for awhile
  • Finish my novel and get it published
  • Travel through Europe
    • Ride a gondola
    • Visit Pompeii
    • Tour Vlad Dracula's castle
    • See the Tower of London again, preferably when I haven't been awake for almost 48 hours
    • Paint the Eiffel Tower... in person
    • Paint a seascape of Greece
    • Enjoy a meal (or several) at The Eagle and the Child and write a story there
  • Fall in love with and marry someone who will join me in the adventure and make sure we both live
  • Participate (probably not run... haha!) in a marathon
  • See all 50 states (and I don't just mean passing through them)
  • Get a meaningful tattoo and get my nose pierced
  • Go to culinary school and spend some time as a food critic
  • Since I have the basics out of the way, go back and get a bachelor's degree in art, music, and/or history. I'm doing this one now!!!
  • Learn how to sew and make my own clothes
  • Become fluent in Spanish and French
  • Build and live in a real-life hobbit hole for awhile
  • Learn to play the violin

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Robert said...

Hi Niki- I found you through a comment you made on Rachel Held Evans blog. I resonate with your post about missing your mom. My dad died when he was 30 abd i was 8. I cant fathom never seeing him again as you said about seeing your mom. I am single as well, 50 almost 51. Not a lot of singles groups at this age lol I just wanted to tell you I liked your comment at Rachels place and like your blog. I didn't see where to comment on your post so that's why i am doing it here. I hope you achieve many of your *bucket list*