Wednesday, January 22, 2014

[Sweet As Whole - Language Warning: Don't read this if you can't stand swearing]

There are days I'm grateful for Sara Bareilles' song, "Sweet As Whole."

[Major language disclaimer on the video.]

The first verse just says it all. ;)

Sometimes I can be perfectly sweet 
Got this sugary me all stuffed up in my sleeve 
And I'll talk of ponies and rainbows and things 
And I'm just who you want me to be 
Like most creatures down here on the ground 
I'm composed of the elements moving around 
But I grow and change and I shift and I switch 
And it turns out I'm actually kind of a bitch 
But that only happens when I get provoked 
By some piece of shit asshole we all sadly know 
And I sit and I write while reminding you all 
That mean songs are still better than going postal

Thank you, Sara, for a song that is shocking and therapeutic, laden with unreserved snark. Because of you and this song, I can now go to bed without obsessing about "some piece of s**t a**hole" who delights in ad hominem attacks on my personhood, artwork (that he/she has never seen--I just mentioned that I am an artist, which was why I thought a particular prank was a bit too much), or yada-yada-yada... rather than an actual fruitful discussion or respectfully disagreeing. I probably should add this song back to my Repeat, Repeat, Repeat! playlist ASAP.

I'm out! Good night!

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