Tuesday, January 22, 2013

[What a Couple of Boobs!]

I know... I'm writing again, already! But... I've been provoked. Someone has pushed the feminist button. Actually, two someones. And big-time. And personally. And I'm pissed.

See these?

They're boobs. Breasts. Ta-tas. The girls. Bazookas. And a bunch of other positive and negatively connotated names. And yes, they're mine, and yes, they're rather large. 34F, to be exact, and my small frame does not particularly appreciate it, either.

Here are some more facts:

I did not choose to have them. They are there because large breasts run in my family and because I developed at an early age. Whether I wear "modest" clothing or not, they are noticeable. Unless I wear a turtleneck or a t-shirt, I will show cleavage. It's unavoidable.

I have large breasts. I did not choose to have them. I can, however, take pride in my appearance. I'm allowed to be comfortable in my own skin, just as a woman who is tall, slender, and who wears a more average-sized cup bra is encouraged to feel. This self-confidence in my sexuality does not make me a sex object. It does not remove my humanness.

The fact that I have F-cup breasts does not make me a sex object. Do I make myself clear? I am not now, nor will I ever be, someone in whom anyone may only be interested in "only for sex."

Twice now, in the past month, have I experienced men assuming this about me. Men, whom, I might add, claimed to be Christians. One of whom, I disgustedly add, plans to be a pastor. (And believe me, if I hear he becomes a candidate in my town and is still not grown up beyond where he is now, I will not remain silent, though I'm normally not the sort to interfere, because no man who desires to be in the role of a pastor should be a man who sees sex as "only sex".)

Fact: I have a libido. I am a virgin, and I have yet to kiss or be kissed, but I do know that I have a libido. But the presence of a libido, large breasts, a vagina, a uterus, ovaries, estrogen, etc., etc., etc., does not now nor will never make me nothing more than a sex object. 

Under no circumstances should you ever look at another human being as "just" a source of anything--sex, love, education, food, etc. To do so is to remove their humanity. To ignore their trials, their griefs, their triumphs, their laughter, etc., is to reduce them to mere objects, and that, my friends, is a grave sin. That's the danger of misogyny, misandry, racism, casual sex, human trafficking, homophobism, etc.,: we are each human. We are none of us summed up by parts of our bodies or physical desires. So to treat each other or even ourselves like we are is WRONG.


And my boobs will tell you the same thing. Right, Girls?


Heather Miller said...

Is that picture taken at Famous Dave's???

Niki Cox said...

Oh, you're good. Yup. From about five years ago, in fact.

Ove Kristian Furelid said...

That's so true. I am a man and like breasts but i dont stare on or harass women who are large breasted. Men can be pigs.