Sunday, January 06, 2013

[The End of an Era?]

I'd like to say I waited this long to write about the new year so my post wouldn't get lost in the crowd, but that wouldn't be honest--I'm just a hopeless procrastinator. But hey--at least I'm honest about it. ;)

2013 does promise to be an interesting year, though, to be sure. For one thing, it's the year I turn 30.


Whaaaaa--?!?!?! That used to sound old, and not that long ago!!!

It's also the year I intend to take hold of and continue what I began in 2012--taking control of my own life. Or at least, taking more proactive steps in achieving the things I want in life. I guess when you get close to 30 and realize that life isn't just going to fall in your lap (y'know... you don't look like a model and you're an introvert, so you don't encounter many people in day-to-day life in order to make connections...), you realize it's time to ignore the little embarrassment personality and start taking some chances. So, I've got some goals (not resolutions--resolutions are vows or promises... whereas goals are things I'm moving toward doing, but won't beat myself up if they don't come to fruition when I want them to) this year. Some social, some professional, some personal.

I'm not writing them down here, though. If I put them down in words, they sound too much like the resolutions I've made pretty much every year of my life so far (at least since adolescence). But I'm not the same person. I've changed, my motivations have changed, my sense of introspection has changed, my resolve has solidified.... so I don't want to create an echo of something that's truly something new.

This time next year, it's my hope and goal that certain things will be different. What those things are, though, are between me and God (and Sassy, who hears everything). Some, you may guess. Others, you may not. And no, I won't tell you if you're right. ;)

Happy new year, kids. Let it be filled with creativity, growth, and a greater understanding of ourselves.

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