Tuesday, October 23, 2012

[Of Being Too Busy to Blog, and Losing Weight at Last]

Whew... Pets and Pumpkins is behind me. For the first time, I did not dress in costume--mostly because I ran out of time that morning and couldn't remember where I'd stashed my Dorothy costume. Sassy was a baseball player. Go Cards! Oh, did you know that Sassy has her own Facebook fan page now? Check it out at: http://www.facebook.com/SassyCox

Worrying about the kids playing on the inflatable slide/bounce house next to our booth

Guess who's jumping on someone?

It was a tiring week up through Saturday (P&P day). Besides classes, I did three hours of errand-running Monday and Tuesday, had an appointment Wednesday with the headache center (where they put me on Zoloft to see if it's stress that's why I'm having daily migraines again--so far, my mood is better, my energy is higher (despite being drowsier), and my headaches are less intense--except for Saturday night and Sunday, but that's normal after 7 hours outside at a festival having to be constantly "on" (oh, what fun to be an introvert!)--and I'm starting to lose weight, as the Pamelor made me gain, but Zoloft decreases my appetite), more errands on Thursday, and Friday was insane.

I woke up, cleaned house until class time, taught, came home, grabbed some chili, painted my new MDF display boards, set up my "Guess the Number" M&Ms game, packed more decorations for today, graded, finished a homework project (but I started off doing two, since I can't make up my mind), started on the other option for my design project, dealt with the presence of my parents (welcome, of course, though somewhat distracting with a big to-do list), and pretty much ran from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.

Then Saturday, I got up at 7, grabbed a bagel, brought two newly-painted-black display boards from the basement, set my prints up on them with masking tape, made two signs, grabbed Sassy's costume, loaded up the two cars, drove to Commercial Street at 10:00, set up, did the festival from 12-5, tore down the tent, came home, put things away (not all things, but some), then pretty much parked it on the couch the rest of the evening, since my migraine had hit about halfway through the afternoon, so it'd reached about a full level 9 (so glad I had a few pain killers left). Sassy did the same nap thing--she's not used to being awake for quite that long.

Oh, I did make a sale Saturday, finally. :) I sold a print! Progress...

And then, this week. I finally got over to the Rec Center this morning (a little after 6:00 a.m.) to work on weight loss and strength rebuilding. It's been a long road to get there this morning--it was my third attempt, the first being last Monday, when I discovered I no longer possess the ability to read a map. The second was yesterday, when I discovered my MSU zip card is no longer valid. Cue an afternoon of shuttle-riding and errand-doing.

So, today, I got up an hour earlier than I needed to, and went over. I did some weights (geez, I've become even wimpier!) and tried to do the elliptical and bike, but my body's still adjusting to my new medication, so I ended up with the shakes. Which is fine with me--I prefer weights, anyway. That's why I took weight training at Truman as my phys ed choice, after all.

I felt energetic-ish all day, though my Zoloft helps with that too (despite some drowsiness, weirdly enough). Of course, with all good choices, one must pay a price. Mine? Besides being gone from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m., I've been battling foot and leg cramps since I got home. Bah!

Weight loss progress:

From 142 on Wednesday, 10-17, in the afternoon, to 134.8 yesterday morning before breakfast. Five pounds down (adjusting my weight for clothes and having eaten, etc. on Wednesday), 20 must-lose pounds to go, or 30 I-hope-to-lose pounds to go. The rest will likely come off much slower, knowing my body.

Have I ever mentioned just how much I love carrying all my weight in my torso and hips?