Monday, July 23, 2012

[Personal Blog Makeover Reveal]

What do ya think? Does the background make me look narcissistic or no? I just liked that shot with this filter, so it gave me an idea on how I could work it into the blog design. I'm working on a different banner, but it'll be a couple weeks before I get around to it. Hopefully, soon, I'll have something significant to write on here. For now, I'm swamped with classes and final grades (last week of summer classes!), so most of my brainpower is claimed for now. :)

As always, if you'd like to keep up with my freelance art, follow my art blog:

And (this is new), if you'd like to follow all my art with a focus ONLY on the artwork, follow my art portfolio blog: 

Since I'm taking art classes and working toward my BFA in graphic design and painting, there are updates at both sites several times per week if not every day. It's already been a fun, challenging journey, and I appreciate positive feedback.

Until grades are submitted and I get back from my 10-year high school reunion, at which point I'll hopefully be able to take the time to write again, try to stay out of the heat and PRAY FOR RAIN!!!! Seriously. This drought is insane.

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