Saturday, April 14, 2012

[Nineteen Years]

This day never gets easier from year to year. I often wonder what you'd look like if you were still here, and if you would've regained your ability to walk yet. You were starting to get feeling back in your legs that spring. I wonder if I'd be the same person. I wonder what advice you would've given me, and if I'd have listened. I wonder what you'd think of my green kitchen and green bathroom accents, since you hated the color. I wonder what you would've thought of our two Sassies. I wonder if Mom really did see you fly through the house a few months after you passed--either way, you brought her some peace that night. I wonder why you didn't show yourself to me.

I wonder a lot of things that I'll never know. I do know one thing: I miss you more than I can express.

You heard the call and found it irresistible. I know you were in pain, and I know you were worn out. I do just wish I could've had a few more years with you, since I was just getting to know you as a person.

We listened to this one at your memorial service.

I love you, Mom.
Michelle Cox Miniea, July 6, 1966 - April 14, 1993

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