Monday, April 02, 2012

[Bathroom Paint Update]

Silly me! I went to all this trouble to write out a blog post about my plans for my bathroom and guest room, and I failed to post photos of my updated bathroom... and I painted the thing well over a month ago! It's one of my better paint jobs so far, and it was fairly ambitious.

I hit up the clearance rack at Hobby Lobby and scored some adorable Irish/St. Patrick's Day trinkets, which fit quite nicely with my green color scheme (and also reflect on my Scottish ancestry through the use of argyle print... heh). The grey on the walls came out lighter than I wanted, but it works. It's definitely easier on my eyes than the beige with beige.

I've gotten into Pinterest lately (like oh-so-many others, I know), and I've tried out a few of the suggestions.

Mom and I tried the sweet potato veggie burgers with avocado when she stayed at my house last week, and for the two of us, it was a hit. I can definitely recommend it, and I'll eventually write about it on my Life After Lactose blog if you want to read more about our experience. They weren't quite as pretty, but they tasted lovely.

I also came across a suggestion for a cool activity for dogs to do on a hot day, and the past few days have been quite unseasonably warm. As such, I tried it out on Sassy yesterday:

I tweaked the recipe a little and froze watered down chicken broth, and threw a couple toys, an old bone, and a couple treats for her to try to retrieve. She got frustrated a few times (she's like a spoiled child sometimes--I want what I want and NOW!) and started whimpering and stressing, but a little encouragement ("No, no crying. You can do it... or wait until it melts. If you want it, you gotta do it yourself."), and she got to work. It kept her occupied and cool the rest of the day (in her new pool, since the other one turned brittle over the winter), and she slept well last night as a result.

Don't forget to keep an eye on my art blog... I've got four commissioned projects going now, in addition to my computer art, and I created a new title banner for the biz. I'm in the process of posting a progress update as I type this.

Until next time!

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