Wednesday, February 22, 2012

[Blahty-Blah Blah]

Well, that was the fastest week off of my life (or so it seems). Back to work today. I did get some painting accomplished yesterday, and I had a lovely visit from my best friend from college and three other ladies, but for the most part, I spent the time trying to ignore my migraine. Good times.

Okay, I did so some brainstorming for some new projects, so the week wasn't completely lacking in productivity.

Today I begin looking for another supplementary job (or a full-time job I'm capable of handling with my chronic pain). Finances are tighter than tight, and doctor bills just keep pouring in.

I know I need to be writing, especially since I teach writing, but lately my mind has been more tuned in to images: colors, angles, geometry. In other words: visual art. I've got a lot of verbal thoughts, but they feel so disconnected from one another. I've got a lot of opinions (particularly with it being an election year and me being pretty much an unapologetic Democrat (Christian Progressive?)), but I really don't feel like alienating 1/3 of my friends/audience. News-wise, there's not much to report on, and I'd really rather not whine on here about everything that's going on (wow--some things DO change!). I think I may be becoming more of an introvert lately so as not to deal with all the things that are creating stress in my life. I won't lie, though--my stress level is astronomical right now. My emotions are shut down for the most part, but the stress still manages to eke out through my migraines, a nose or lip twitch, acne, increased neck tension, and a general inability to concentrate (made worse with my post-concussive disorder that's very slowly healing). There's just too much coming at me at once to be able to let myself deal with any of it. So... I Pinterest. Or I paint. Or I zone out to Travel Channel and History Channel.

Are you still reading this? You are a patient soul, my friend. I'll spare you further ramblings and wrap all this up now. Maybe next time I'll have something a little more coherent to say. :)

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