Tuesday, February 28, 2012

[My Kind of Garden Statue]

Spring is in the air (already, as if we actually had a winter to speak of), so my thoughts have turned to yardwork and garden decor.

But I'm not normal. Oh, no. I love garden gnomes, but spare me the normal sort. I want statues like these:

Oh, I like the pretty ones, too, but there's gotta be some comic relief. Anyone want to contribute to my lawn? :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

[Artsy Fartsy]

I've got three projects to start on (and, perhaps, if I'm on a roll, finish) this week: paint my bathroom, finish this mixed media project I'm working for myself, and paint a satellite dish. Yes, really.  It's going to have an eagle portrait on it. I'm going to True Value and Home Depot this week to see if I can get some sample sized enamel paints, since it will be a long time, I expect, before I have another one to do like this. While I'm there, I plan to get paint for my bathroom and guest room. This is one of those semesters where my art projects are keeping me sane. :)

Here's the bathroom color scheme:


The greens are already on my towels and shower curtain, so I'm going for the slate-lavenders with a somewhat more saturated tone. I'm thinking the darker tone for the wall with the lighter tone in a thick horizontal stripe around the room.

I'm toying with the idea of painting my wood pieces espresso and eventually replacing the medicine cabinet with something more contemporary. I know it horrifies some people, but the current tone is a little too country for my personality.

For the guest room:


The light teal for the walls, the dark teal for my repainted dresser. My bedspread already has the light purply color with a maroon main tone:

(My actual bedding set from WalMart).

These are the only two rooms I hadn't decided on yet, mostly because of the accessory colors I'd already picked out.

I wish I had that headboard, by the way.