Monday, December 12, 2011

[Almost a Record]

Hey, I just noticed something... except for 2006, I've posted more entries this year than any other since I began the blog in 2000! If I didn't have Facebook and Twitter, I'd probably have double the entries (and half the readers, because I'd have to vent somewhere, and not everyone can handle that...).

Okay, nothing more to see here. I must get me some munchies so I can take something to relieve the pain so I can get some grading done.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

[Pain Persists, but Dogs Divert]

I had kind of a rough day today with my back. I started out on a good note--no headache, fairly clear mind, etc.; however, as soon as I walked out the door to go to church this morning (I'm going to one closer to home for now with a shorter worship service, because I'm not physically up to the longer service at my home church yet--especially not after a full week of teaching, grading, and other madness) and the sun slapped my eyes, my head started pounding and my back started aching.

I had hoped it was the start of my recovery from my wreck--but it ended up being more painful than the previous week, especially toward evening. My muscle relaxers do help, but they also break me out, so I end up taking Benadryl too. That means I can only get the relief at bedtime--which also explains why I feel better in the morning--it's still within the 12-hour relief window.

It is what it is. I got my portfolios graded last night, so I did have the freedom to rest and recline for the afternoon.

Instead, I took Sassy to Bass Pro. We both needed the exercise, and we both needed to get out. Fortunately, it didn't make me hurt worse, but while I can normally walk with Sassy at a slow pace for about three hours, we only made it a little over an hour. To my credit, even Sassy was tired, and I think it was because she can sense I'm injured, so she worked harder to keep her excitement in check, and if you know my Sassy, you know that's the ultimate challenge for her.

I have the best dog in the world. Seriously.

I did take some photos of the cutie today, since I dressed her up:

In these first few pictures, she was peeved at me for telling her to stay.

Epic pouting.

Perking up... and neckerchief straightened out


I'm posing here, Mom!

Yeah, I'm a ham.

"Do you wanna--"


More Baroos with my massive stacks of portfolios in the background
Good night, all. I start giving finals tomorrow at 9:15, so I best be off to bed.

Monday, December 05, 2011


It's one of those weeks, and intensely so, minus the lactose intolerance attack.