Thursday, September 15, 2011

[Intentional Hiatus This Week]

I'm still here, thinking, creating, and writing, but I've intentionally refrained from blogging this week. It's been one of those weeks for a number of reasons (including finding out about a couple of recent deaths, another IBS attack that kept me home from work Monday, Sassy snagging her dew claw (again), migraines every day this week, some creepy dude propositioning me at WalMart on Tuesday, my doctor claiming he couldn't write a letter of pre-existing conditions for me to get on state insurance because I haven't been to see him (or any other still-locally-practicing doctor) since 2009, moving my lamp on my desk today and watching it peel off some of the new paint, PMDD mood swings, etc.), and I knew if I wrote anything, it would read as uber-fatalistic and depressed. 

So relax... I'm still around, still blogging--just refraining from posting anything but this explanation until I can avoid sounding too hysterical or emotional. :)

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