Friday, September 09, 2011

[DIY Decision]

After browsing thrift stores and vintage furniture shops and seeing a number of piece shaped a bit like mine but painted a bright color, I opted to paint my desk. I'm pretty sure it's going to look H-A-W-T, judging by the outcome of my desk drawers (keep in mind I took this photo after dark with artificial lighting, so the color is a smidge off):

They match my front door. ;)

So, I've got two choices left to make, preferably by tomorrow evening, and I want your feedback:

First, painting the leather inserts on the desktop: white, yellow (my walls), or green (like the background of my bulletin board?

Second, which of the following pulls should I replace my current ornate ones with? I like all four equally, and compared to others I liked, the price is right:

It may come down to in-store availability, but what's your first choice?  Let me know in the comments!


monica, sometimes known as koolaidmom said...

Oooo...painting the leather inserts? I never thought to do that! I wonder if you can do a technique to it for contrast? Maybe a crackle effect?

Andrea@Fancy That! said...

I think white and number three or yellow and number four :)