Tuesday, September 20, 2011

[Hodgepodge of Thoughts, Reactions, and Observations]

I've seen two of the three new shows I intended to check out this fall, and so far, they're grandslams in my book.

2 Broke Girls? Surprisingly entertaining, and managed to avoid overdoing sitcomy stereotypes. Oh, some of the characters are stereotypical, at least when you first meet them, but as you get to know their characters (particularly the characters for whom the show is named), they really manage to transcend the "spoiled rich girl gone broke (ala The Simple Life) or trying to understand how the little people live" (she's not as clueless as she seems) and the "streetwise girl with a heart of gold" (usually the character with whom you want to sympathize, but she's actually got few issues to overcome). Definitely promising.

New Girl, though, that one's moved straight to the top of my must-see list. She so dorky, so unabashedly nerdy, so awkward... I feel like I'm seeing what my life would be like if I were a little more traditionally attractive. Maybe. It may just be Elizabeth Bennet syndrome. Either way, though, I felt like Jess and I were soul sisters.
Schmidt: I'll be, like, your guide.
Jessica Day: Like Gandalf... through Middle Earth?
Schmidt: Probably not like... okay... first off, let's take the Lord of the Rings references and put them in a deep, dark cave where no one's going to find them.
Jessica Day: Except Sméagol...
[whispers] He lives in a cave.
Awesome. And I've decided that creepy guy from Walmart last week needs to donate to the Douche Jar. Fo' sho.

Eureka, don't go! SyFy, you officially suck for not renewing my favorite American dramedy on cable. Get rid of shows like Eureka, but keep wrestling? On a channel, badly-spelled but still, called SciFi?? C'mon. Let ESPN or Spike have shows like that. There are more of us geeks out there than you realize who have only become aware of some of these gems in their last seasons! That cliffhanger, though? I have to wait 8-10 months to find out what happens?!

Seriously, people, it's my love of an escapist story--a lifelong love affair--that led me down the English major road and all its unemployable (full-time, anyway) glory. I couldn't care less whether a book is canon or not; I just love a good story that employs clever dialogue, wit, and wordplay. It's also the root of my obsessions with:
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Gilmore Girls
  • Eureka
  • Warehouse 13
  • pretty much any classic screwball comedy
  • The Eyre Affair
  • Wee Free Men
  • Jane Austen
  • Jane Eyre
  • Doctor Who
  • The Batman tv series from the 1960s (cheesy, but on purpose and very tongue-in-cheek)
  • British humor in general
  • and more
In other words, it's the stuff that's enjoyable just based on the plots but become downright fascinating and hilarious when you've got the knowledge, education, and awareness to pick up on the depth added through references, nerd-in-on-the-joke one-liners, etc.

So look out, World! Any remaining hesitation to reveal the nerd-chic chick within that survived graduating from "The Harvard of the Midwest" *chuckle* is gone now. I shall henceforth let the dork shine like an honor instead of shame, and if you can't handle that or find it mockable, then good riddance! I'm me, and I feel good about it.


[My First Art Show--and My 500th Blog Post!]

For those of you who've been wondering when and and where I'll be showing my art, I have a booth on Saturday at Dog Fest. Think of it as my first art show. ;) I really hope to see you (and your dog[s]) there if you're in or near Springfield! Here's the flyer with more information:


I'm pretty excited about it, because as any of you who are artists know, the photograph of a painting does not show the full use of color and details that a live viewing reveals. I'm really hoping this creates an interest in my work and opens up a few new doors. Feel free to help me spread the word!

Friday, September 16, 2011

[My Sexy New Desk]

I did end up getting a new desk, but rather than replacing the old one, I placed the new one so I almost have an L-shaped corner desk (the corner holds the printer and computer tower). Plus, I now have room to stretch my legs under my desk when I'm typing and writing! Whoo-hoo!

I've taken the plastic cover off the old desk, touched up the paint where it came off from it, and once it dries, I'll use it for a writing desk and for business files and boxes (I'll post a pic tomorrow so you can see the whole thing complete).

Here it is, though... my personal style in a nutshell, minus the lack of colors--contemporary, whimsical, and clean lines. Love it!

Oh, and a new mousepad--made from recycled materials, too!

[Like a Thief in the Night]

This morning, as I sit here at the desk checking emails, blogs, and headlines, I'm eating a bowl of Cinnamon Chex (which, to my happy surprise, tastes like Cinnamon Toast Crunch). As I get close to the bottom of the bowl, I wonder to myself if Sassy will hear the spoon scrape the bottom and run in to lick the last bits of taste left, or if I'll have to call her. Just as I'm putting the last bite into my mouth, I start to turn around toward the doo--

Whoa! (I rub my head after hitting in on the ceiling jumping so high in shock) She's been in here for awhile--staring intensely at my back, her nose about three inches from my right hip, eyes fully dilated in full focus on my cereal bowl. How long has she been sitting there? She wasn't there when I started eating! How did she manage to escape my peripheral vision, since the doorway is still just within my indirect view?

I'm starting to think we named her wrong. Perhaps a better name for her would be...


Shadow? Shade?

Thing That Goes Bump in the Night?



Rosie Cotton? (What? Hobbits are known for being able to move silently when they do not wish to be seen... Yes, I know, that makes me a geek, and yes, I'm okay with that.)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

[Intentional Hiatus This Week]

I'm still here, thinking, creating, and writing, but I've intentionally refrained from blogging this week. It's been one of those weeks for a number of reasons (including finding out about a couple of recent deaths, another IBS attack that kept me home from work Monday, Sassy snagging her dew claw (again), migraines every day this week, some creepy dude propositioning me at WalMart on Tuesday, my doctor claiming he couldn't write a letter of pre-existing conditions for me to get on state insurance because I haven't been to see him (or any other still-locally-practicing doctor) since 2009, moving my lamp on my desk today and watching it peel off some of the new paint, PMDD mood swings, etc.), and I knew if I wrote anything, it would read as uber-fatalistic and depressed. 

So relax... I'm still around, still blogging--just refraining from posting anything but this explanation until I can avoid sounding too hysterical or emotional. :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

[DIY Done]

Well, here it is, step by step, including the final product at the end of the post, in all its glory (handles chosen by availability in the end). Let me know what you think! Did I succeed in modernizing my desk, or did I desecrate an antique? Me, personally, I'm delighted with it. By the way, the color is mostly accurate in the second-to-last photo.

Friday, September 09, 2011

[DIY Decision]

After browsing thrift stores and vintage furniture shops and seeing a number of piece shaped a bit like mine but painted a bright color, I opted to paint my desk. I'm pretty sure it's going to look H-A-W-T, judging by the outcome of my desk drawers (keep in mind I took this photo after dark with artificial lighting, so the color is a smidge off):

They match my front door. ;)

So, I've got two choices left to make, preferably by tomorrow evening, and I want your feedback:

First, painting the leather inserts on the desktop: white, yellow (my walls), or green (like the background of my bulletin board?

Second, which of the following pulls should I replace my current ornate ones with? I like all four equally, and compared to others I liked, the price is right:


It may come down to in-store availability, but what's your first choice?  Let me know in the comments!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

[Video: Wrong Worship]

From Jesus Needs New PR:

Love it. First off, it's satire--humorous exaggeration rooted in truth. If you don't get it or find it funny, let me know so I can introduce you to the art of satire and unoffended self-deprecation. Secondly, such talented musicians! Such talented deadpan comedy! Ah, brilliant.

"I surrender some..."

Saturday, September 03, 2011

[So... What Did YOU Do Today?]

I don't know about you, but I consider it a successful day if I get to sleep in past 10 and still manage to load the dishwasher and paint one-and-a-half portraits.

Angus: mostly complete, minus some brightening details
Acrylics on Stretched Canvas, 16"x20"

Layer one of Logan's painting... stay tuned for more!

Thursday, September 01, 2011

[DIY Dilemma--What Do You Think?]

So, I've got this antique desk that my mom bought for me at an auction. She paid something like $50 for it--for me--and, apparently, it's worth a lot more. In fact, there's one on Ebay (in better condition) up for auction for $579. I do like that it's got a ton of drawers for storage, and it's pretty sturdy, although the drawer faces drive me nuts by popping out of their notches all the time. But the thing is, my taste is far more modern or contemporary. I like clean lines, streamlined storage, and bright colors (though white or black would suit me fine!). Mom "knows" this, but somehow, she managed to pick out the one that's probably the most old-worldish you could probably find out there--bulging shape, ornate hardware, leather top (the pattern mostly worn off)--and she bought it because it's worth a lot of money.

Now, the finish is thin in many spots, especially on the top, and it's never going to bring in full price in a sale, auction or otherwise. so I'd like to modernize it by painting it. Yes, we're talking about me, so I'd probably end up going with teal (like my door and accent color in the office) or white, not a traditional color. It'd make up for the nicks and scratches, while making the ornate, French provincial shape more palatable for me. I called Mom to ask her how she'd feel about that (I didn't mention teal, though... that'd be pushing my luck, I'm sure), and that's when she told me why she bought it--its worth. And I verified it online. But she gave me her [reluctant] blessing, saying that it was mine to do with what I wished. She said okay, but her voice bespoke disappointment... as usual. Implication: Be artistic! You're smart! You're talented! I love anything you do--as long as it's my style.

Cue the guilt.

Honest truth? I think it's hideous. It feels massive (though it, in reality, takes up no more space than most streamlined desks), bulging (which gives it the massive feel), nicked, faded, and about as in-between of a color as my natural hair color (and we all know what that's led me to do for the past ten years). And, to me anyway, it seems to be at war with my otherwise lovely yellow walls. If you like traditional style, it's great, but I'm definitely a lover of mod and contemp. Here's what it looks like:

So, dear readers, what do you think? Should I grin and bear it out of gratitude and guilt and respect for antiques, should I try to sell it for something that's more my taste, or should I let my artistic juices flow and paint the thing teal (white with a black dog in the house is asking for trouble) with chrome or brushed nickel hardware, and just ignore the eye-rolling from my mother? I'm honestly torn and genuinely want your input, so please let me know your opinion.

Over and out!