Tuesday, August 23, 2011

[Blearily Blinking in Bemusement]

Well, I did a little better last night... I think I managed 4.5 hours of sleep. Still, that nap's going to happen today, since it's a shorter day (I'm finished by 10 a.m.), and since yesterday Dad called me five minutes into my nap attempt, throwing me off my game. I'm definitely forcing myself to sit up at my desk, stare at Blogger's overly white background, and gulp down my generic brand Diet Mt. Dew until the worst of the drowsies have been fended off. It may surprise you to hear this, knowing I'm not a morning person and that I'm a hopeless night owl, but I do actually prefer morning classes. They get my day over with earlier, so I can spend the remainder of it being relatively productive. When I get off work in the afternoons, nighttime sneaks up on me too fast, and I find myself needing to get ready for bed again before I've really gotten anything accomplished.

I just don't like getting up before the sun. It never feels like it's morning when it's still dark out.

Apparently this is all my brain is capable of articulating this morning. At least today I'll be, so to speak, reading from the script [read: syllabus], so I won't need to be thinking of any lessons this morning. That takes some of the pressure off. ;)

Over and out, kids! Happy Tuesday!

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