Wednesday, August 17, 2011

[Late-Night Nervous Breakdowns]

To understand my current state, take this post, and add the biggest *&^%()&$ brown spider* (to distinguish it from the bigger but less creepy brightly colored ones you see outside sometimes) that I've ever seen or killed in my bathroom last night just as I was about to take a bath. I managed to sleep last night only by taking an extra Benadryl and shivering/sobbing until I finally fell asleep close to four in the morning. I really thought I had gotten my arachnophobia under control. I could see one of those evil creatures, calmly grab a tissue (or ten), squish it, and flush it, with only a mild shiver. That is, until I saw that one-or-two inch body with eight hideous legs attached crawling out from behind the trash can in my bathroom. Oh, I killed it, but doing so was seriously traumatic.

This is why I need to get married to someone not afraid of spiders.

By the way, my dog is amazing. She remained calm while I screeched, cursed, and bawled, then crawled into bed with me and cuddled close while I shivered and sniffled until I finally calmed down. I'm telling you, once we get her over her people-ZOMG!!!-OH-WONDERFUL-PEOPLE-freak-out-greetings, I think she'd make a wonderful therapy dog or service dog, and I plan to get her qualified when she reaches that point. What a champ!

And now that my Excedrin Menstrual Complete is working, I'm off to get dressed, go to Wally World, and get some more bug spray, since I used all I had left last night. Yech.

*I did check online after killing the damned thing, and it wasn't a brown recluse, thankfully. Different body shape and different pattern on the back. Still... taking no chances!

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