Sunday, August 21, 2011

[Childhood Flashbacks]

The pup has an ear infection. I took her to the vet Friday when the [what I thought were] ear mites were still hanging around, and while all the external symptoms fit with mites (minus the bugs, but I figured I'd overlooked them), a lab test showed that it was actually a yeast infection. Poor dog... I've been there. In fact, the entire first ten years of my life I was there.

And she doesn't like the ear drops any more than I did.

I don't know if they hurt her ear (they did mine... but then again, thanks to tubes, I had holes in my eardrums, so I had a reason to feel pain), but I understand why she struggles. Twice a day. Yeah, it's tiring.

Well, classes are back in session tomorrow. I'll confess to a few nerves this semester. It's been awhile since I've tackled two different classes (three sections of one, one of the other) in one semester, and that was only once, and one of the classes is one I struggled with last time I taught it. Of course, this time, we're in a computer lab classroom, which I'm fairly confident will solve 90% of the problems I had the last time, but those kind of memories tend to stick around.

I'm off to a good start, though. I did get all the major documents updated, revised some assignments, and got all four blogs up and running. The only thing I'm behind on is setting up the gradebook, but I can tackle that tomorrow during my downtime. There won't be any assignments to grade before Wednesday at the earliest, so I'm in the clear.

All four of my classes are full... conferencing weeks are going to be quite hectic, I'm sure. Plus, one section, my 102 section is on a different schedule, so sometimes their conferencing weeks will clash with 101's weeks, while times I'll be doing theirs on different weeks.

Oh, and all this while kicking my painting up a notch.

I guess that might explain the knot I've got in my shoulders.

Why am I still up? Good question... I just know me. My mind's going a million miles per second, and until I get good and drowsy from Benadryl, I know I won't fall asleep, so it'd be pointless to try. I'm just going to tackle a couple online puzzles until I'm struggling to think of basic words, and then I'm off to bed, praying for no back-to-school annual nightmares. Yeah... every year. Every semester even. The most common one is dreaming that it's close to finals week, and because I got distracted, I forgot about one of my classes after the first day... and for the rest of the semester. Sometimes I'm the teacher, sometimes I'm the student (and sometimes I'm both... even in the same class!), but either way, I've screwed myself over royally.


Until next time, readers!

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