Wednesday, August 17, 2011

[Back to School Shopping Score]

In addition to a couple cute tops Mom bought for me last week, I managed to snag a few staple pieces today that should last me a few years, being fairly classic yet still modern looks. Using the money I'll earn tomorrow by attending the developmental education seminar, I managed to score: a teal wraparound-look blouse, a black-and-white dress (finally! And get this--it was a size TWO! and it FIT!), a flyaway cardigan, a skinny silver belt, and a wide red belt.

Rock star! And the way I looked at it, if these things fit me today (minus some obligatory bulge that's due to the  bloat) during my "fat" time of month, just think how awesome they'll look on me when I stop retaining water again! Nothing like successful shopping to take one's mind off the cramps. ;)

Rock star!

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Meg B. said...

Super Cute!!