Tuesday, July 19, 2011

[Midnight... not a sound from the pavement... but my speakers are a different story.]

So here it is, three minutes before midnight. I'm sipping on ginger-peppermint tea with local honey, getting ready to pour myself a quarter cup of aloe vera juice. I let my guard down and did not consistently drink my a.v. juice and tea, and of course, today, the ulcer pain kicked back in. Sigh. I do indeed have a bad habit of not sticking to a schedule when it's in my best interests to do so. And the ginger burns like pepper, even with the honey added, and I'm really not a pepper fan, so I do kind of dread drinking it, even though I feel it helping ease the stomachache almost as soon as I feel it hit my stomach.

Well, until my Benadryl kicks in (and seeing as how I started my day hacking, wheezing, and gagging thanks to my allergies, I'm still needing it), I'll just sit here, think, write, examine my painting for areas I'll tweak tomorrow (which I would've done today had I not been out getting my business license for five hours), and listen to my "Ethereal and Celtic Songs" playlist--LotR music, Celtic Woman, Emerald Isle Band, Josh Groban, Enya... no bagpipes, though.

I need to get an album of bagpipe music that isn't primarily military tattoos. I want an album that makes me feel like I'm on the shores of Loch Lomond listening to the pipes drift through the fog. I've been in a mood lately for the music that provokes that "queer ache" (a la Anne Shirley) or Lewis's "inconsolable longing." Have you read Surprised by Joy? Do you remember the bit where he talks about joy as that which we almost reach from time to time but cannot grasp on this side of heaven? When we get that feeling of, "Oh... that's... and it's gone!" Bittersweet. Yeah. That kind of music, where I can start to glimpse the mystic beauty of God, but I never see it all for the same reason that God wouldn't completely reveal Himself to Moses. My heart nearly bursts, and if I saw it more clearly it would, but oh! I wish I could all the same! My eyes shine, my heart swells, and then it hurts like hell because it's gone in a moment and never fully realized... Jars of Clay's Oh My God has that same effect, mixed with deep contemplation, made even moreso by the way the crescendo and climax of the song is never resolved. Yeah. It's true. I'm a music lover (of all sorts, except most country, but this type has a special place in my spiritual heart for that reason).

In an unrelated thought, the writers of Eureka and Warehouse 13 are mad geniuses. I just thought I'd throw that out there, after watching the new episodes tonight. I do love that they're on during the same evening now, and I'm finding that I'm really grateful for DVR, because I never remember when something is coming on, but my DVR catches it.

It's true. I've got entirely too many interests and passions to ever conquer one completely. It's the artistic version of ADD. This also explains the nature of this post... and why I never got around to talking about the experience of applying for my business license today and how I'm simultaneously relieved, excited, and terrified. That's also why I'm still up at 12:34, even though I meant to be in bed by midnight.

And I could end up rambling on and on; however, my Benadryl has finally started to work, so I can now breathe even as I start nodding off.

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