Wednesday, July 13, 2011

[A Better Start to the Day]

Okay, it's not just me:  I'll find out from my students today if theirs has changed yet.

A few thoughts, though... I have good eyes, but the font and color scheme are hard to read for an extended period of time and would be especially so if I had a migraine (I don't stop for migraines unless they're really hardcore). I think a helpful option would be to give users the option of a variety of color schemes for the dashboard page so that we can pick the one our eyes like most and that our monitors display best. It couldn't hurt, anyway, and judging by the comments in the above post, I'm not the only one blinded.

On the home front, outside of some discomfort in my neck and abdomen, and some ridiculous water retention (seriously--how else do you explain my gaining 10 pounds in two days, with no difference (at least, increase-wise) in diet), I did not wake up in pain this morning. Thank goodness. As long as my computer/internet stays online and the pain stays away, I should be able to get caught up on grading and start applying paint to my plotted-out canvas. With any luck, I'll finish this painting within the next two or three days, and then I'll be able to work on doing on of the current Sassy to add to my portfolio, assuming I don't get any orders in that time period. I'm also going to work on an art-release form for my clients to sign to give me permission to use photos of their paintings in my public portfolio (or to pay extra to keep it off... the reason being that as someone starting out, I need to build up my examples so potential clients can see what I'm capable of doing for them--right now, I mostly have older pieces from high school and my first year of college, and my abilities have expanded since then).

Alright... I have to leave soon, so I better wrap this up so I can get dressed and ready for work. Until next time, be it this afternoon or within the next couple of days!

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