Tuesday, July 19, 2011

[Off to a Splendid Start]

I seem to be channeling Professor Brainard today. In the three hours since my alarm went off this morning, I've been trying to set new records for absent-mindedness. First, while making my pancakes this morning, I turned on the vent, the overhead light, walked out of the room to wait for the skillet heat up, came back in, poured the batter, and wondered what was taking my pancake so long to set. I noticed no heat. Is my stove broken? No. I'm just an idiot and never actually turned the knob.


Then, right at 11, I'm walking through my house, looking everywhere for my black comfortable dress flats that I wore yesterday (and every day since buying them, almost). I found one of my brown flats, but the black ones are nowhere to be found by my ditzy self today. So, in desperation, I end up wearing my skyscraper platform heels. Sexy, yes, and comfortable for sitting and standing. However, despite parking as close to my classroom as possible, I ended up having to take a long way anyway when the classroom printer ran out of paper. Now my toes are trying to squeeze out the peephole. Oof!

ALDO - Ibanez (Black) - Footwear
Not identical, but the closest I can find online; the front half's strap design is different, meeting in an oval shape. Otherwise, pretty close.

Oh, and then someone asked me about a due date for this week's in-class work, and I looked and realized I'd posted last semester's assignment information on this semester's class Blackboard, and vice versa.

So, I thought it wise not to lecture today. I'm just turning them loose to work on their papers and writing exercises in class. I wouldn't want to give some new information today and end up having to rescind half of it tomorrow.

The nice thing about painting, which is my afternoon plan, is that there's not much I have to "remember." Thaaaank goodness!


Andrea {FancyThat!} said...

Ah. Beautiful, scary heels. I wish I were still up for them...

Nikster said...

Ha! I rarely am... I was desperate! And I looked down ten minutes ago as I was finishing my painting, and what do you think I saw next to my desk? My flats. Right where I'd looked twice this morning. Gah!