Wednesday, July 20, 2011

[Nineties Nostalgia]

Oh, get excited, folks, our 90's shows are coming back! I know Clarissa Explains It All will be one of them (*clack of the ladder on the window sill* Hi, Sam. *guitar twang*), thanks to a FB announcement. I do wish it had a better time slot though... Midnight to four a.m.?! And please, don't forget about the shows that aired those first few years of Nickelodeon that were actually filmed in the 80s but set the whole early Nickelodeon standard, such as You Can't Do That On Television! Never heard of it? Well, where do you think the green slime came from?  And did anyone else get annoyed when Nick at Nite changed from true classic shows like Batman, Mr. Ed, Dobie Gillis, and others to shows that had  been on the air in the past ten years (even some that were still making new episodes)? That's how I got to know some of the classic Hollywood movie stars as a kid before I got interested in the movies--by watching these shows.

For those of you who think FB groups have no effect, here's proof that occasionally, the decision-makers (on TV, anyway) do pay attention to their demographics.  Now, let's see if we can convince them to dedicate a whole channel to 80's and 90's Nickelodeon. Let's do this!

And no, 27 is not too young to be nostalgic. I have friends with 10-year-old kids. If you're old enough to have a pre-teen, you're old enough to reminisce about the "good old days of television."

*Wanders off to find her She-Ra DVDs*

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Andrea {FancyThat!} said...

Dude, She-Ra is on at midnight on a local channel. When we're still awake, we totally watch it.