Friday, June 03, 2011


Correction to this morning's information: my AC isn't 15 years old... it's 30. According to the repairman that came out today, it's a 1981 unit.

In other words, my AC is older than me. Yikes.

By the time he came by, the unit was working fine again, so for now, there'll be no replacement (my parents and I are both getting a bit, shall I say, broke. So, we're going to hold off for a little while; we are, however, going to get some estimates from the repairman that came out today so we have a plan for when the AC finally does give up the ghost.


In other thoughts/news, I took some pics of the new office look a few minutes ago (hence the less-than-natural lighting). I'm still contemplating artwork for the walls and an accent color for the drapes (I'm leaning toward teal (like my front door and the border on my bulletin board) or black-and-white damask, but I'm not sure yet), and the color's warmer in person, but here's what it looks like so far:

If any images are rotated incorrectly, it's because no matter what program I use, the photo[s] want to stay they way they were before I edited and saved the changes (seriously... I tried several, and all the same, I keep seeing the wrong version on here even when it looks right on my computer in the original file. Weird.)

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Meg said...

I love this happy room! I think teal would look good too. Happy decorating :)