Tuesday, May 03, 2011

[What You're Getting Into With Me]

Well, I'm off to a swell start already. Within a half hour of getting online, I caught myself starting to type "facebook.com" into the address bar of my browser. I'm starting to think this will be a harder habit to break than caffeine ever was (and for the record, I've never been able to permanently ban caffeine from my body--I always end up back in its arms within a few months).

I will say, however, I'm already feeling less stressed having not come across some of the nasty barbs or annoying  "repost this if you agree" statuses this morning. I'm not going to miss that one bit, and the funny thing is that I don't even remember the latter existing (outside of email forwards) until a year or two ago. In that amount of time they've managed to drive me away.

But how else will all my friends know where I stand on issues? Well, I'm a fan of putting it into one's own words. So, here goes my own:
  • I'm a Christian, though what type, I'm not sure anymore other than knowing I believe in and try to follow Christ... if anything, I'm a recovering fundamentalist who leans toward being Emergent, which may be quite different than you think it is, so before you judge, take the time to read Brian McLaren's A New Kind of Christianity
  • I'm a Democrat, so no, I'm not interested in "liking" candidates who are Tea Party candidates, so don't bother, and I don't think it unreasonable to be taxed to help maintain infrastructure and make sure those who fall into the cracks of joblessness and poverty can maintain life and health until they can get back on their own feet
  • Just like you, I think I'm right. However, I'm not interested in arguing with you until you agree with me. I'll share my perspective and leave you to follow your own path. Debate and shouting rarely change minds anyway and generally just lead to dissension and more "us vs. them" groups. I happen think that's a sick mindset, especially having once been there.
  • I'm a teacher. I like it, but I didn't choose it intentionally. A lot of blocked opportunities and closed doors directed me down this path. So yes, there are days I don't love my job, especially knowing that it's not full-time. And yes, sometimes I vent. But it really means nothing more than that. 
  • I love my dog and all her kind. Could I afford it, I'd rescue more dogs than Sassy; in fact, I'd work with dogs full-time were the opportunity to arise in such a way that I'd still be able to make ends meet. My hero in dog advocation is Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer. I know he's got a few detractors, usually those who like to think of dogs as furry people who should never be told "no," but his methods make the most sense in terms of how dogs view the world. Sassy wouldn't be so well-behaved without Cesar's influence on me.
  • I'm obsessed with Scotland and the U.K. in general. I'd move there in a heartbeat if I could.
  • I'm emotional. It's who I am. If you want to be around someone who handles everything with perfect calmness, move along. I'm working on being more balanced, but I'll always be that person to some extent.
  • I'm a true believer in equality, whether it's sexual, gender, racial, economic, or educational opportunity. I'm not now, nor will I ever be someone's demure, submissive-in-the-hierarchical-sense little woman. Those verses of Paul's I believe to be purely cultural and, had Paul known his letters to churches would be included in Scripture, I'm fairly sure he would have said things very differently. 
  • I get a lot of headaches. I get a lot of stomachaches, especially since my last surgery. Most days I physically feel "meh." It's not that I'm wanting to complain or make you feel sorry for me; I'm just a less-than perfect physical specimen. And if you ask me how I feel that day, I'm going to tell you. If you don't want to know, don't ask. 
  • I try to be optimistic, but I have a strong tendency toward cynicism and melancholy. It's something I'm working on, but it's an ongoing process. So, if you find someone who's very real about her emotions and struggles annoying and overwhelming, move along. I'm not about to put on the happy mask for anyone anymore. I used to, and it hurt me deeply.
  • Finally, I'm a terrible procrastinator. I just looked at the clock and realized that I've got an hour to get ready for work and update my gradebook before class. Crap. I had other things I wanted to say...
I'm out! Until next time, friends!

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