Sunday, May 15, 2011

[Video Page Fixed]

I've figured out how to embed my [and Sassy's] YouTube page instead of simply linking it. To check it out, click on the tab above on my main blog page that reads "Sassy's Videos." I posted a new one today, in fact, that gives a somewhat subdued glimpse of what I deal with every time I pull out Sassy's prong collar--butt tucks! Unfortunately, due to the chaos of my living room due to portfolio grading, the reveal happened in my library/mud room, so no real room to erupt into a full-on butt-tuck zip-around.  Just wait, though.  Within the next week or two I should have the ultimate video.

And now... bed. I have to give a final tomorrow morning at 9:15, and I still have one more class of portfolios left to grade in the afternoon.

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