Tuesday, May 10, 2011

[Likely Hiatus]

A few moments ago, the migraine pain kicked it. I'd suspected one was on its way, so when it hit, I knew why I hadn't felt "right" since I woke up, despite getting enough sleep. I think I'll be stopping by the pharmacy on the way home from work to refill my pain prescription. This one's promising to be a doozy.

Although I may write something on a whim, I'm giving myself permission to take a break from blogging until after I submit final grades next Friday or Saturday. I get my first batch of portfolios on Thursday, which begins the mass-chaos onslaught of the end of the semester. But, as always, if I need to rant or have something interesting to say, I may post... I just don't feel obligated to write something to maintain the habit. However, after next weekend, I'll be officially back in action, so stay tuned.

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