Thursday, May 19, 2011

[Freelance Niki]

[Before focusing on entering the last batch of points for student grades, I wanted to put this out there.]

Those you who have been keeping up with me lately, either on the blog or on Facebook, know that my finances have gotten a bit tight as my teaching hours have diminished. As it stands, during a normal semester, I'm basically matching my income with my outflow, and this summer, with only one class, I'll be spending more than I'm making. I do have some money saved up, so I don't expect to go broke this year (though I could), but it won't last forever. As such, I've been wracking my brain for options, since I'm not too talented at having two official jobs at once (official meaning a schedule and do-it-or-lose-the-job deadlines). I looked at other lines of work altogether, but everything that seemed a possibility required a certain amount of direct experience in that field that I lack.


So, after thinking a bit more and listening to a few suggestions from others (family, friends who know my talents), I thought about doing some freelance work. As many of you know, besides writing, art is a big thing for me--in fact, I started out as an art major in college. And while I may not be the best artist anywhere, I am pretty good at it. So, why not be a freelance artist and reviewer?

Of course, now this means I need to figure out what to charge (enough that I'm actually making a little money and not so much to scare people away). That's where you, my fine readers, come in.  I'll soon be adding a page on this blog that offers an art portfolio and my expectations.

What do you think would be a good price to charge above the cost of materials (particularly the object to be painted)?  I won't be charging for the price of the medium (oils, pastels, acryllics, etc.), but that's something to keep in mind as well, because I will have to replenish my supply at some point. There should be, I would expect, some variation depending on the intensity of the project. And if you click on the tab above that says Freelance Niki (not the title of this post, but at the top of the main website page below the title), you'll see a preview of some of my work.

I really would like some feedback on this before I make it official. I'll be sitting down to work on logistics early next week after I've submitted grades and finished painting my office over the weekend.

Thanks everyone! And now, back to the job at hand.

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