Monday, April 18, 2011

[Trivial But Cute]

For once, I got the 30% off coupon for Kohl's, so Friday afternoon, I swung by the store for an Easter dress (I've got two dresses that don't fit right that I'm getting rid of, and I don't have many dresses to begin with), and instead I ended up with two. It was a little bit of an indulgence, but they both were so flattering (an extreme rarity with me and dresses) that I couldn't pick. Due to the material, I was able to get both in petite small size (!), and I really wouldn't have wanted them any bigger, either. I did try on two others, both poplin material, but even the mediums were too small, mostly because there was no stretch to the fabric and I have other-than-standard shapes (small shoulders, curvy features, shorter arms, etc.), so those exact-cut dresses never quite end up right on me.

Here are the lucky winners:

I'm not a big fan of wearing shorts, since they look odd on me, so sundresses in the summer are my best friends.  

Okay, my friends, I'm off to make breakfast. I'm running a big slow this morning, hence the more trivial entry this morning. Have a happy Monday!

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monica, sometimes known as koolaidmom said...

I love the first dress pictured. I wish I had the shoulders to pull that off! You will look adorable in either dress. I also hear you on looking strange in shorts. I hate to even wear them to the gym...I look like a blob.