Monday, April 04, 2011

[Sassy's Adventures on the Farm[s]]

Over spring break, Sassy and I packed up our bags and headed to Mom and Dad's house.  As is usual with a week with Mom, there wasn't much "break" involved, especially since this particular week involved helping some friends dispatch about sixty free-range chickens (the coop had been destroyed in a storm, and their buyer, a big name, refused to reimburse them).  Since I knew Sassy would be miserable with us being left at the house alone, I decided that we would tag along, but stay at the neighbors' (the friends through whom we met the couple we were helping) next door so all the dogs (minus old Bob, who's an old man-dog and grumpy around the frisky pups) could play together.

It ended up being a two-day ordeal, and at the end of the second day (which was St. Patty's Day and naturally included a tasty meal of corned beef and cabbage), Sassy and I went over to the chickens' former residence so Sassy could meet the remaining "menagerie." And oh, what a menagerie it was! In a matter of minutes, Sassy met two yappy little dogs that were up in her face (but backed off when I advanced, preventing Sassy from having to retaliate, because they were relentless), 4-6 screeching parrots (her nose was going like crazy!), one tom turkey (she clung kind of close to my legs... "Do eat it or run from it?"), two llamas and two alpacas (more clinging), two very friendly horses (this nearly resulted in canine panic, especially when one sniffed Sassy's butt and then started smelling my back pocket that had two treats stowed away, but I didn't let her run, and she gradually calmed down), and finally a herd of 30 goats, who, since they were around her size (some smaller babies and some large-dog-sized adults), were just plain fascinating. Unfortunately, their Scottish highland cows were out in the field, so she didn't get to meet them (though we're both enjoying the meat from one whose bounty my parents and I split--and it's good stuff.  Mom did buy a couple dozen of the family's last eggs, since I can only stomach free-range, non-hormone or antibiotic eggs (really... it's true; store-bought eggs almost always cause relentless stomach pain for some reason), for me to take home.

So lesson here: buy local and get to know the farmer. You get tastier food that was treated very well while it was alive and is more likely to be toxin-free.

Of course, since I was focused on keeping Sassy from panicking, I didn't get any shots of her with the menagerie, but I did get two videos and a handful of photos of her playing with Jack and Sue's (next door) two younger dogs, Ladd (a Kerry blue terrier) and Zo (a baby catahoula-boston terrier mix that's a new addition to the farm as Bob heads into his final days, poor ole sweetie).  Sassy was the only girl-dog, and boy did she get attention. She ate it up and flirted right back... in fact, they even got tired of her after awhile because she had nothing to get territorial over (so... playtime!).

These two videos are adorable.  Sassy knows she's cute and doesn't take no for an answer.

The playmates meet



New pup Zo

Zo and Ladd

Sassy wonders where everyone disappeared to

Zo plays with fuzz

Ladd plays coy

Puppies nap. A lot.

When are they coming back?

Ladd's used to quiet farm afternoons

More napping Zo

Is that...?

Where the heck are they?

Oh, just relax, will you, girl?

Looking regal

Patriarch dog Bob, trying to avoid Zo's attentions

Bob's a leaner

Really a leaner

Darlin' Bob

Click to see the full-size versions.

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