Friday, April 01, 2011

[Reading, Writing, and Being Wary of Pranks]

Today was day one of my goal to get up an hour earlier than I have to purely to do a full hour 'o' writing.  So for a MWF, that means 5:00 a.m.  I did make half the goal--I got up when I meant to get up; however, it's currently 5:35 and I'm just getting started writing after checking emails, reading blogs on my feed, and grabbing a bite to eat.  To my benefit, however, today is a peer review day in class, so I don't have to do any prep work; this means I can still get my hour of writing in.

I don't expect to say anything of any value for awhile. I've gotten out of the habit of daily writing, which (as I try to tell my students) affects my ability to think of anything useful to say. Still, I know from past experience that once I've made it my habit to write daily, the words start flowing more fluidly, and sometimes I find myself writing again later in the day because, whoa!, there's something else I want to say!

It's April 1, which normally, for me, means some elaborate, or at least small, prank, but unfortunately I let the date creep up on me without any delightfully devious ideas. I'll just have to remain satisfied with being on my guard all day and identifying all the online pranks, including one chuckle-worthy one by Don Miller.

In other news, my occasional bouts of lactose intolerance have become full-on bouts.  I had to call class Wednesday morning when I was woken up at 4 a.m. with bad stomach cramping and a need to hover near the toilet.  Unfortunately, in my discomfort and dizziness, I failed to call everyone I was supposed to and pretty much made myself look incompetent with my boss.  Bleh.  Can I have a do-over?  I'm pretty sure I blew any clout I might have had in requesting a fourth class for the fall, which officially means I'm living paycheck to paycheck for a solid year.  That also eliminates any possibility of getting a new laptop to replace my fried one (the monitor is shot and it's been overheating since the warranty ran out).  My desktop works great, but I do wish I had one to take to campus, and when I do get one, I plan to make sure it's got everything the desktop has (namely, I'm eying this one with upgrades to 8 GB memory and 1 TB hard drive. That would make it the equivalent of my desktop, both in capabilities and price). What? I'm a technophile, and I ask a lot out my computers.

Next time I write, I plan to share some photos and stories of Sassy's fabulous spring break at the farm.  She had quite the exposure to a variety of large and small animals, which, unfortunately, I didn't manage to photograph because I was trying to keep her calm and trusting my knowledge of what I was asking her to do.  I did get some great shots of her playing with Sue and Jack's dogs, though.

I got a Kindle for my adoption present from my parents (a little early, but since I had Amazon gift certificates, Mom said, Go ahead!) and I've been reading voraciously.  It came in the mail last Thursday, and in that time I've managed to read:

Churched: One Kid's Journey Toward God Despite a Holy Mess by Matthew Paul Turner
Hear No Evil: My Story of Innocence, Music, and the Holy Ghost by Matthew Paul Turner
Relearning Jesus by Matthew Paul Turner
Evolving in Monkey Town by Rachel Held Evans
Stuff Christians Like by Stuff Christians Like by Jonathan Acuff
O Me of Little Faith byJason Boyett
Love Wins by Rob Bell

and I started on A New Kind of Christianity: Ten Questions That Are Transforming the Faith by Brian McLaren.

I'd recommend all of them, though the one I enjoyed most was Evolving in Monkey Town. So much of what she shared read like my own spiritual journey (not as much my life, though there are some similarities there as well). All of the memoirs, though, felt that way to some degree, because they all had a number of sharp parallels to my own walk, and I found it enormously refreshing to hear from others whose journeys have been like mine and who, rather than losing their faith, have allowed their faith to evolve. In fact, I'm getting to the point where I want to take the time to lay out my journey on paper again, especially now that I'm in a different spot in my walk.

But that's a goal to start on another day. For now, I must be getting ready to head off to class, then shop for groceries, unload them, and take a nap. Yeah, buddy. But first... something for this headache. There must be another weather change coming today--yup, the forecast confirms. It never fails.

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