Sunday, April 03, 2011

[My Grandma Has An IPhone]

Yeah, I just found that out via Facebook.  She came thisclose to beating me to having a smartphone... and she did beat me to texting! I think that's awesome.

Well, I intended to do some blogging this weekend (among other things, like grading), but between the lovely weather (I had to go for a long, long walk yesterday! Unfortunately, that led to a headache and a three-hour nap), a fascinating book, and a sick puppy (again), I fell short of my goals.  Yup, you read right... Sassy did some more puking.  This time, though, I know why: she figured no one could steal her tennis ball if she ate half of it.  That's right.  I got woken up to the sound of a dog throwing up on the floor at the end of my bed, I cleaned it up, and worried.  Later on, I went outside with her, deciding to let her off the porch, and I looked down and saw the culprit: half of a tennis ball, with two small pieces scattered nearby. The rest was nowhere to be found.  I imagine it's still making its way through her gut.

It's only tennis balls, people. This dog is obsessed with them. She has remarkable self control with every other toy, but when it comes to a ball, it's her equivalent to a goose or a duck, and all your balls are belong to her (intentional choice of words). She's done this before, but not as much of one. If she thinks you want it, and not to throw it, she'd rather eat it than let you have or throw it away.

So, she's grounded from tennis balls for the time being, and from now on, she's not to be left alone with one after a rousing game of fetch. They must be put away.

Oh, Sass...

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