Monday, April 11, 2011

[Fabulously Terrible Entertainment]

Okay, so I was a loser this weekend and didn't write (or do a few other things I meant to do, either), but in Niki-world, I had a justifiable reason (real world may beg to differ, but real world annoys me... that's why I made Niki-world):

The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader DVD came in the mail.

I watched it. Twice. Plus all the extras. Then, of course, I realized that I'd gone an unusually long time since I'd last read the series, which is, again in Niki-world, an abomination. So, in the course of a day and an evening, I devoured (in order): The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Magician's Nephew, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Horse's Boy, and the first half of Prince Caspian. And these weren't on my Kindle (I'd like to get them there, though... my all-in-one book is starting to fall apart; but I really don't have seven times $7.99 to spare right now...). If my allergies weren't killing me and forcing me to take copious amounts of Benadryl (which has slightly less of approximately the same active ingredient as Advil PM), I'd have probably finished all seven.

Yes, I love it that much. I love books that much. And yes, I love movies that much.

In fact, that brings me to what I originally planned to discuss here: my twisted love of corny, baaaaaaaaaaaad movies (no, I'm not saying The Dawn Treader was a bad film... at all. But it's a movie, and I love movies, even the ones that ARE corny-bad).

Case in point, Teen Witch (1989). Never saw it? Need proof? Behold, the song that was running through my mind during both classes I taught this morning (thus contributing to an epic battle to avoid bursting into hysterical laughter... I won, but barely):

A clear sign of a brilliantly bad corny movie? When I have to either bury my face in a pillow or run out of the room for sheer embarrassment on behalf of the character in the scene.  Case in point, see above.

Or better yet, classic import Pippi Longstocking!

Actually, anything from the 80s.  Remember the show You Can't Do That on Television (which I'd love to get on DVD... I'd watch it for hours!):

Hmm... forget writing. I'm off to go find YCDTOT clips.  God bless old-school Nickelodeon!

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