Thursday, February 17, 2011

[Stuck Inside on a Gorgeous Day]

Despite the wind and frequent cloud coverage, it's a stunningly beautiful day outside, and what am I doing during the best, warmest part of it?  Sitting in the adjunct office waiting for students to come in and conference.  I'll get out at about 4:30 and have, oh, about an hour of daylight left with the sun (in the backyard where I can play with my pup) shining straight in my eyes and blinding me.

Yes, I'm whining. Deal. 

I'd be okay with it if the meteorologists weren't calling for rain pretty off and on my entire four-day weekend.

I want to make like a lizard and stretch out on a rock in the sun, while Sassy curls up next to me in one shady spot. If I hadn't needed to monitor my email for cancellations and questions between conferences, I'd have held them outside on a bench with Sassy beside me. Yes, that's right, I love being around my pup; now that she's not so neurotically wild, she's really a treat to be around. Oh, the look she gave me when I left an hour ago when she wanted to go outside and play ball...

Still, four-day weekend on the rise, so Self, take heart. Three more hours and you're free for awhile.

Note to self: remember to ask Mom and Dad to bring up my bike.  For days like this, I'd like to train Sassy to walk/run beside me while I ride on the park trail.  She'd get a full run for once, and I'd get a chance to exercise at a comparable rate to her.

I'm also a little irritated (I have the beginnings of a headache... can you tell?) that I can't access some of my favorite blog reads on my office computer.  Whenever I open a link to one of them, it loads partway up, then freezes the browser window.  They've upgraded the OS, but not the processors.  That really cuts down on my list of things I can do when, like now, there's an hour and twenty minute gap between conferences--a long enough gap to get bored, but not enough time to go home for awhile.  I already ate lunch, I've FB'ed all I can stand, I read my daily comic strips already, I can't update blog points for my students except on my home computer, so that leaves blogging.  That's not a bad thing, unless like today, I have nothing constructive to say.  So... I whine. I also write blogs relatively quickly, so even that only knocks out 20, 30 minutes at the most with my longest entries, unless I'm feeling ponderous.

Because this is a journal-style blog, I realize I have a limited appeal to audiences.  If I could come up with an idea for a themed blog, I'd have a more active audience, but so far, I've got nothing. 

Well, that took care of another two minutes. Oh, me, oh, my.

Welp, that's about the extent of my brain right now. It's rapidly constructed and thought, but it's set on repeat and recycle, so anything else I'd say would simply rehash it all over again.

Over and out, for those who managed to stick with me the whole post.

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