Monday, September 20, 2010

[A Recurring Dream]

The circumstances change in this dream, but the setting largely remains the same:

I enter the Jefferson Ave. house I lived in while in Kirksville, and that's in the past in my dream, so I'm going back to it, but it's now located in my childhood neighborhood in the place of the Stevens's house.  When I go downstairs, I actually enter from the direction of my Uncle Bert's basement entrance, but it more resembles Beauton and Alvin Day's basement (all childhood hangouts in St. Louis).  Upstairs, though, the Jefferson house is magnified in its hidden rooms and weird Day house inserts (like the dining room, which the J.H. didn't have).  I've realized that there are tons more bedrooms I could choose from, so I wander the amplified hall[s] glancing in different bedrooms, hoping to pick out a new one, but most of them are taken.  Finally, I find a hidden panel in the wall, and I'm not surprised to find a spiral staircase behind it that leads to a bell tower of sorts.  I decide to move into that room, but in secret--I'm petrified someone else will claim it first.  As I go back to get my belongings, I'm panicking, realizing I'm racing a houseful of people, and they all now know about the room.  Now I can't remember where the panel is.  I think I do, but I'm wrong everywhere I try.

Sometimes I wander out of the house and end up back in MO Hall, though the dreams go in very different directions when that happens.

Okay, dream analyzers, any ideas?

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