Friday, September 24, 2010



Let's see:
  • Didn't hear my alarm clock.  Woke up at 6:30--I usually leave the house at 6:30 on MWF.  Made it on time, but stressed
  • The new attendance policy isn't doing a whole lot to improve attendance--at least not in my classes.
  • Found out I'm doing something else wrong.  What's new?
  • Didn't get my coffee at home, so I had to settle for weaker, more "blah" coffee at work.  Call me Lorelai Gilmore, because I like it stronger than most people can handle.
  • I'm going to have to hang out near the computer all afternoon as I'll undoubtedly be getting emails from those absent requesting conferencing times.
  • I didn't get my morning cuddle with Sassy, which usually lightens my mood, since that's when she's at her sweetest.
  • I feel fat today.
  • I need more coffee.
On the plus side:
  • Lovely weather is in store, beginning today.
  • It's fall.
  • I've got a good chunk of my Halloween decorations up.  Pictures coming once I've got the look complete.
  • Dog Fest is tomorrow at Chesterfield Park.
  • It's Friday.
  • The snacks I grabbed on the way out the door have chocolate chips in them.  That was purely luck of the draw.
  • The rain should help with allergies, and I may be able to open the windows this afternoon.
  • I'm wearing a cute new shirt. 
  • I feel a little less under the weather than I did yesterday.  And the lump by my ear doesn't seem any bigger.  Perhaps it really is just a very swollen bug bite that doesn't itch.  I hope.
  • I don't have to use my push mower anymore--I've got a riding lawn mower (old, but effective).
  • I turn 27 in just over two weeks.  Good-bye 26!
  • I'm no longer 4 weeks behind in grading.  Just 4 days, and that's only on blogging.
  • I still have an intact enough sense of humor to see how pathetic I sound in the first half of this entry.  I'm still stressed, but I can at least laugh at myself.
All this before 9 in the morning.  What a Friday.

Monday, September 20, 2010

[A Recurring Dream]

The circumstances change in this dream, but the setting largely remains the same:

I enter the Jefferson Ave. house I lived in while in Kirksville, and that's in the past in my dream, so I'm going back to it, but it's now located in my childhood neighborhood in the place of the Stevens's house.  When I go downstairs, I actually enter from the direction of my Uncle Bert's basement entrance, but it more resembles Beauton and Alvin Day's basement (all childhood hangouts in St. Louis).  Upstairs, though, the Jefferson house is magnified in its hidden rooms and weird Day house inserts (like the dining room, which the J.H. didn't have).  I've realized that there are tons more bedrooms I could choose from, so I wander the amplified hall[s] glancing in different bedrooms, hoping to pick out a new one, but most of them are taken.  Finally, I find a hidden panel in the wall, and I'm not surprised to find a spiral staircase behind it that leads to a bell tower of sorts.  I decide to move into that room, but in secret--I'm petrified someone else will claim it first.  As I go back to get my belongings, I'm panicking, realizing I'm racing a houseful of people, and they all now know about the room.  Now I can't remember where the panel is.  I think I do, but I'm wrong everywhere I try.

Sometimes I wander out of the house and end up back in MO Hall, though the dreams go in very different directions when that happens.

Okay, dream analyzers, any ideas?

Friday, September 17, 2010

[Tidbits and Chitchat]

Yesterday, I began my day by absentmindedly pouring water on my cereal instead of almond milk and followed that up by a dental appointment. It's been days like these that have thwarted any attempts to blog lately, so my apologies.

I did finally get my first-time home-buyers' tax credit--it only took eight months after filing my taxes and a six-month audit.  What this means is that I've finally managed to pay back my parents for helping buy my house and some of its repairs.  Now all I owe them for (financially) is the rest of the $10,000 they loaned me for my car.  This is why I want a full-time position.  Well, that, and insurance.  I can't get it.  Apparently, if I'm not a perfect physical specimen, I can't get health insurance. 

I'm still plugging away at my book, though right now, I'm in a research stage.  I need to familiarize myself with camping and botany before I can do anything more than scribble out some early drafts of pivotal conversations.  I've got a little written, but not enough to post, as there's too much of a gap in the action to understand the context of the convos.  I'm determined to see this one through though.  I've started many projects in the past, but none have survived past the third chapter or so, so I guess it's a good omen that I've gotten to chapter five. :)

Unfortunately, just being out of the writing mode for a couple of weeks really puts one out of the mode, so my thoughts seem to have run out.  I'm going to have to go back to setting up a set time for writing every day so I can regain my footing. 

Over and out!