Thursday, July 29, 2010

[Good-morning, Starshine, the earth says, "Hello!"]

*chuckle* I just said that to Sassy, a la Johnny Depp's Wonka, and she stopped in her tracks, reared around, stared at me for a moment, then cocked her head in confusion.  That was the perfect reaction.

I think she may be a ghost dog. One second before writing the last sentence of the first paragraph, I looked over, and she was stretched out on the floor along the couch.  I typed that sentence, fairly quickly I might add, turned back around, and she was gone.  I looked a little further behind me, and she was already curled up on the pillows on my bed on the opposite side of my bedroom from where she was laying here in the living room.  How did she do that so quickly?

Oh, and now she's plopped on the tile in front of the door.  Antsy, anyone?

Aaand, she's back on the couch.

Today's the last day of classes (and finals) for my first foray into teaching summer classes.  I'll miss this class, but I'm definitely needing those three weeks off.  I teach a 7 a.m. class in the fall, and I'm not going to lie--I'm dreading the 5 a.m. wake-up.  My biological sleep clock is very much tied to the sun, and let's face it, the sun is still beyond the horizon at that time of day, even in the summer.  Does anyone have any hidden, mysterious secret for transforming oneself into a morning person?  Please, do divulge!  I'd rather not have to invest in four or five back-up alarm clocks to make sure I don't roll back over and bury my face in the pillow for "five more minutes, or better yet, five more hours, please!"

Sunday is new cell phone day.  Friends who want me to have their numbers should contact me if their phone numbers have changed within the past two years so my contact list is up to date. I hand-copied my contacts list out of my phone to be safe.

Incidentally, while doing so, I laughed out loud at how many times I had to revise names of my fellow ladies.  There has definitely been a wedding epidemic lately!  I probably edited half of my female contact list.

My coffee is ridiculously fabulous this morning, which may or may not explain my perkier-than-normal morning meander.  I didn't sleep so great last night, so that's not going to explain my energy.  In fact, I woke up this morning around 3 to Sassy shaking her ears (it's more effective than an alarm clock, by the way), and I pretty much tossed and turned the rest of the night, feeling just "off" from comfortable.  I did eventually doze, apparently, since when my alarm went off, I woke out of a sound sleep, but it was definitely a punctuated, weird-dream kind of slumber.

I have done a little creative writing in the past two days, but none of it is ready to share.  Even what I post on my book blog, while rough, has gone through some minor revision or polishing before I let anyone see it.  I have an opening for chapter five, but it sounds odd to me somehow.  I'll have to give it another go tonight and see what I can salvage out of it.  I like the tone (light-hearted), but some of the phrasing sounds... off.  So, stay tuned.

Well, kids, I gotta go hunt down some munchies and work clothes before I leave in an hour, so I'm off.  Have a fabulous day!

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Anonymous said...

Become a morning person by waking up 30 minutes to 1 hour earlier every day, changing every week. Wake up at 9:00 this week, 8:30 next week, 7:45 the following, get the idea :-)

It really does work. If you have the time, you can break yourself in more slowly. Have a good supply of coffee on hand, take some time to do something that you enjoy "just for you!" (I read blogs{by the way...I would LOVE to read your writing blog that is by invitation only...don't worry...I'd still buy your book..ha ha!}, exercise, ENJOY my cup of coffee, soak up the early morning is MAGICAL in a way.) Essentially, transform morning into something "not icky."

By the way, you do have at least one reader out here! I like being able to keep up with you this way! Hugs, girlie! I'll talk to you for real someday soon (I hope)!