Sunday, July 18, 2010

[The Bucket/Dream List]

In trying to revive my dreams and ambitions that, in trying to find security, have sort of fallen by the wayside, I spent some time this afternoon compiling the list.  It got really fun after awhile, and I'm feeling adventurous again. I'll be adding to this list on The Nikster page (link just below the header on this page on the blog) over time, but here's what I have so far:

The Bucket/Dream List:
Some are actual planned goals, some are dreams that I would love to be able to do.
  • Spend a significant period of time in the U.K. (especially Scotland).  Maybe even live there for awhile
  • Finish my novel and get it published
  • Travel through Europe
    • Ride a gondola
    • Visit Pompeii
    • Tour Vlad Dracula's castle
    • See the Tower of London again, preferably when I haven't been awake for almost 48 hours
    • Paint the Eiffel Tower... in person
    • Paint a seascape of Greece
    • Enjoy a meal (or several) at The Eagle and the Child and write a story there
  • Fall in love with and marry someone who will join me in the adventure and make sure we both live
  • Participate (probably not run... haha!) in a marathon
  • See all 50 states (and I don't just mean passing through them)
  • Get a meaningful tattoo and get my nose pierced
  • Go to culinary school and spend some time as a food critic
  • Since I have the basics out of the way, go back and get a bachelor's degree in art, music, and/or history
  • Learn how to sew and make my own clothes
  • Become fluent in Spanish and French
  • Build and live in a real-life hobbit hole for awhile

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