Tuesday, April 20, 2010

[Pondering and Wondering and Meandering]

With three weeks left of the semester, including finals week, I'm definitely spread a bit thin.  Once again, I anticipate grading everyone's work down to the last minute, as I did at midterm.  I'm hoping by the summer semester that I'll have my home pretty much organized and that I'll be be able to be more focused.  There's no telling on that, really, but I keep hoping, anyway.

I've felt crazy-tired lately, and I'm not sure why.  I know I'm busy, but I seem to be getting a reasonable amount of sleep and, for the most part, pretty decent nutrition.  Still, I continue with the sleepies.  It'd be nice if my three week break would rejuvenate. I guess we'll see.

I need to write a decent update this week, but right now, I've got fifteen students sitting in front of me, going through their journaling period, and it's mildly distracting to say the least.

Until next time, kids, stay tuned.

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