Friday, April 30, 2010

[New Site URL--A Real Domain Name!]

So I'm thinking of upgrading (fairly inexpensively, I must say!) to a domain name, but I want some feedback from you guys on what sounds best to you (I'm not always the best judge of what might sound too cheesy or emo): (a throwback to The Chronicles of Narnia, along with classic mythology) (a throwback to She-ra, who lived on Etheria, as well as my working novel title) (based on my ode to caffeine) (a commentary on how there's a part of me that won't let go of the fairy tales, because so many other things have gotten lost along the way).

Vote in the new poll on my blog's sidebar --> and in one week, I'll make a choice!


Krustifer said...

It's making me log in to vote and I don't want to so I say holdingontothemagic cos its easy to remember.

Also you can get free domain addresses if you're wanting to do it really cheap lol.

Nikster said...

I put in a vote for ya. :)

Nikster said...

And it's 10 bucks. A year. :) Hehe.