Tuesday, March 09, 2010

[A Wee Reminder]

I haven't forgotten you, dear blog readers.  Unfortunately, I find myself in the midst of the throes of midterm grading time topped off with one of the worst colds I've had in years (I even had a fever Friday! 101 degrees!  That doesn't happen outside of surgeries for me!), and it's an ordeal, to say the least.

However, after Thursday, I should be back in the saddle again, much more balanced and caught up, so just hang tight.

I also wanted to remind my beloved readers that I do have a literary blog in which I'm working* on a novel.  If you want to be a reader/critiquer and watch a masterpiece** unfold, drop me an email, and I'll send you a reader invitation.  It is private, just in case my ideas are actually any good, so no one tries to rip me off. :)  So far, I've only got two or three readers, and I'd love to have some more--especially fellow scribblers. 

Okay, back to grammar grading.  It's alternately painful and encouraging, depending on whether or not the student has actually followed directions.

*I'm actually temporarily on hiatus, until I can get a few more details about the semester ironed out, but I've been doing some mental writing, so I should have something new soon.
**Read this word with the appropriate level of irony, please. 

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PirateLiz said...

I would love to read your novel in process.
Speaking of writing; here's my short story.