Monday, February 15, 2010

[Writing and Lent]

We haven't been to the dog park since Saturday, and it's beginning to show.  I caught Sassy digging right next to the fence, and she only gets destructive when she's bored and not burning off excess energy.  Without a doubt, however cold it may be tomorrow, we've got to spend an hour or two running at the park.  If she got out... *shudder* I don't even want to imagine.  Ugh.  We definitely need a break in this nasty weather so we can get into a good habit of getting out and moving as much as possible. 

I actually had a decently productive four-day weekend for once... I could have done more, but my to-do list finally shrank rather than grew, which is the opposite of what's been happening for awhile. I think I may be getting into a solid routine, at last. 

Twitter has been my blogging bane.  I've come so far in mastering expressing myself in 140 characters or less that I've temporarily lost my ability to dig deeper.  It may be time for a Twittering break until I can regain my writer self.  After all, how hypocritical is it to encourage my students to write when I myself have done so little of it in the past few months?  I even had a novel starting to take shape in my mind, but I've lost sight of the creativity involved in writing it.  I like Facebook and Twitter--don't get me wrong.  But they do have this ability to overfeed the pack mentality and to detract from creative art and independent expression. 

Coming down off of my new-job-and-new-home elation, I'm feeling an overwhelming sense of disconnect.  For one thing, I don't have any new goals (outside of a promotion from part-time to full-time), and I worry that I may slip into too much of a comfortable routine.  While I'm glad--no, overjoyed--to have the stress of job-searching and living with my parents off my shoulders, I need that little bit of an end goal to keep my psyche moving forward.  The last thing I need is to get stuck in a rut.

This entry, by the way, is a good illustration of how far I've fallen away from my self-expressing writing abilities.  Where are the transitions?  Where are the interesting thoughts?  Where are my theological meanderings and humorous creativing non-fiction bits?  Be patient, dear readers... it may take me awhile to get back into the mode.  It will happen, though.  Just a little bit of self-discipline and... hey!  Lent is coming up.  I'm not Catholic or a member of any other traditional liturgical denominations, but I think it might healthy--mentally and spiritually--to step away from Twitter and *deep breath* Facebook for forty days. 

Yeah.  I think I will.  Facebookers and Twitterers will have to find me by email, phone, or Blogger for the next month starting Wednesday.  Maybe I can find something worth saying for once and rediscover my spiritual passion.  I've definitely lost a lot of that lately. 

Peace be with you and yours.

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Patty said...

Sounds like a good thing, Niki. Rich has been preaching a LOT about spiritual passion lately, and reaching out to those around us. Lent is a season meant for spiritual "digging deeper," in preparation for remembrance of our Savior's agonizing death, and His joyous Resurrection.