Wednesday, February 17, 2010

[Sunshiny Winter Day Meanderings]

I do believe I was wise to call off class tonight.  My throat's scratchier than it was earlier, so I suspect my voice needs a good break.  I'm just going to curl up with a warm drink, my computer, my novel notes, and Ghost Hunters on SyFy.  I'll devote my evening tomorrow to grading.  Tonight, I need to keep my stress level down and my antibodies up. 

Sassy and I spent nearly three hours at the park today.  She did not want to leave, either.  She had ball-retrieval tunnel vision, interrupted only briefly with the appearance of her dog park boyfriend, Strider.  Suddenly, she was quite ready to wrestle, not fetch.  It's really funny to watch those two.  They're perfectly matched for energy, play style, and size (Sassy's bigger, but a little lower energy, so they balance out).  She's never quite sure what to think of dogs bigger and more hyper than her, such as the one-year-old Great Dane named Scooby Doo.  He definitely overwhelmed her yesterday. 

You know, I wonder if my family's and my perspective on "high energy" have become skewed having had Sassy II at such an old age.  She was slower, but she was also 14 and a half when she died, so quite a bit of our canine memories have to do with an older, mature dog.  This Sassy might really just be middle of the road after all, especially when she gets the exercise she needs.  Time and nice weather will probably answer that question.

I'm playing some "dog calming" music (revised classic pieces that have been slowed down in spots and lowered in tone to be more soothing to a dog's ear), and Sassy is out like a light.  Of course, she is quite wiped out from her three hour romp today (which she realized upon leaving the park), but not 30 seconds after I hit play, she stopped watching me like a hawk and just relaxed. 

Actually, I'm feeling pretty relaxed, too.  There's something about the classical violin paired with a gentle piano tune.  *inhale......... exhale*

I wonder how many messages and wall posts I'm going to get on Facebook from friends who didn't notice my repeated "I'm taking a Lenten break from FB and Twitter" status updates over a two-day period.  :)

It's cold out, but aesthetically, it is a beautiful day.  The sun is trickling through my white blinds, giving the rooms such a warm light that absolutely lifts the spirits.  It's just a nice day to sit and... be.

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