Thursday, February 18, 2010

[Stunningly Beautiful Day!]

Fifty degrees.  Fifty freakin' degrees.  What an amazingly gorgeous day!

Sassy and I walked to the dog park.... I'm pretty sure it's at least a mile total, if not more, so I have a feeling my legs are going to protest tonight.  Then, at the park, Sassy played ball (and a little bit with the other pups) for about two and a half hours again.  She got all of two feet in the door and she plopped.  She hasn't moved once since except to see what I was getting in the kitchen.  All in all, I'm feeling refreshed, a little tired, and glad to soak up a little sunlight.  I do have a headache, and I need to grab some munchies, but it's a good tired headache and a satisfied hunger.  I can't ask for much more!

Time to go get some noms.  :)

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