Tuesday, April 07, 2009

[The New Girl in Town]

Well, first off, the non-puppy-related news:

I finally finished the paper from hell--the Old English paper that plagued my life for four or five months is written and submitted (for better or worse) and behind me.  Whatever grade I get, so-freaking-be-it.  It's done.  Praise God.

Now, my to-do list is manageable:
  • Thesis (nearly all of it, but still, it's my only focus for now)
  • Teaching my two classes
  • Come up with six more comps questions
  • Prep for and take my comprehensive exams (June 13)
  • Summer class
  • Graduation in August
  • Find a teaching job
I can handle this.  I think. 

I presented a paper at a conference for the first time--the GEO Conference at Truman.  Since it was at my alma mater, I got to hang out with old friends, see old professors, and just plain get away from it all!  Plus, Andrea presented the same day as me, so we got to hang out for a few hours on Saturday.  This whole "being away from my friends" thing really isn't my cup of tea.

Weird thing happened Friday-Saturday night.  I woke up at 2 a.m. with major cramping in my abdomen.  At first, I thought, menstrual cramps.  But they were in the wrong place--or rather, places.  As it turns out, I was having charley horse cramps through my entire set of abdominal muscles, and they lasted 45 minutes straight.  At one point, I stumbled down the hall to the bathroom so I wouldn't throw up all over Deana's living room and actually half-passed-out from the pain as I reached the bathroom door.  So not cool.  Charley horse cramps... go figure.

But now, the fun news: the new Sassy.  I posted a picture in the previous entry, so refer to that post for visual aid.  Mom and Dad were supposed to come up here Thursday and take me to the animal shelters here in Springfield.  That was the plan.  Then, at 12:45 this afternoon, my cell phone rings.  It's Mom.  "Guess what I've got."  Knowing her, I knew.  "I found a black lab, heeler mix.  She's already put her paw on me and claimed me.  I'm going to name her Sassy." 

"Mom, that's great, but I was going to give my next dog a different nam--"

"Nope, she's Sassy.  Come here, Sassy girl!  Come to Momma!  [various other baby-talks] She's going to be a big dog. Will that be okay with you?"

"Well, yeah, of course.  Wait--where are you?  Are you in Sprin--"

"Branson animal shelter.  Oh, she's my dog now."

From "no dog ever again" to "maybe after you finish your thesis" to "the weekend after you get back from Kirksville" to today, complete with baby-talk and "Talk to your dog... Say hi to Niki, Sassy!"

So sums up the unpredictability of my mother.  Sometimes, though, like today, I'm okay with that.

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Hayley said...

Girl, u need to update...I need to hear more about this puppy and your life. I'm having Niki-withdrawal!