Wednesday, December 24, 2008

[Hospital Blues]

While I've got a break between mind-bending painkillers and such, I thought I'd send you an update about how the surgery went and where I am at as far as recovery.

The surgery went perfectly. No complications--even the breathing tube went right in with no trouble!--and no need for a follow-up surgery. It was a straight, four-hour success. Not many of my surgeries can claim that, especially such an unusual procedure as this.

Recovery's been good, but definitely among my most painful. For the first few days, if I didn't get certain medicine at a certain time and a certain strength, I ended up getting some very crippling spinal headaches. Eventually, we got all that regulated, and in the past 36 hours I've gone from flat on my back to walking laps in the hall. The therapists are at a loss as to what they can help me with. Ha! If my back didn't burn, I'd just leave 'em in the dust.

I am having some trouble getting the nerve use back in one area of the body which is affecting when I can go home. If I can't find a way to work around the temporary numbness, I'll probably be sent home on Friday or over the weekend with special instructions. I think I can deal.

I have no problem hanging here at the hospital over Christmas (in spite of everyone's apparent horror at the concept) as my family will be here anyway and I'll have immediate care if I need it. Win-Win.

Anyway, that's the worldview from 822 West in Cox South. :) I've had at least one visitor every day, so it's been definitely tolerable.

I hope you're having a great break!

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David S. F. Portree said...


I don't know you and you don't know me, but I read your blog and wanted to say that I hope all is going well.