Friday, November 07, 2008

[Updating When I Should Be Sleeping]

First off, some fabulous Halloween pictures of Autumn Dryad Niki:

In other news, I'm taking the GRE subject test tomorrow morning (hence why I should be asleep by now on a Friday night when I'm so accustomed to falling asleep a couple hours before dawn), and I'm dreading it. Four hours of testing about literature, most of which I've probably never read or scarcely remember. Juuuust fabulous.
I'm also waiting to hear back on whether or not I'm having surgery soon. I haven't had a period for three months, and I seem to have another problematic ovarian cyst... more problematic than before. In fact, taking the ultrasound, the technician couldn't find my left ovary. Not a good sign. There seems to be an 11-inch mass, and on Monday, I'm having an MRI run to see if what they see is the myelomingecele that I've had since birth or a very large cyst that would probably result in at least a partial hysterectomy.
Wait... no more periods? Hey, I can deal with that!
I'm not afraid... I just hate not knowing. Hopefully I'll know more soon. I do have discomfort/pain (nothing severe), and my hormones are completely screwy right now. I've had acne for a few months now, and I never got more than one or two pimples before, usually around "that time of month." Now, I can't win for losing. Maybe hormones are why I haven't been able to focus this semester, too. That would explain a lot... as well as why I can't ever fall asleep before 3 in the morning these days.
Anyway, I would've mentioned it sooner, but I wanted to wait until I had something concrete on which to report. Long-term readers will know how many "tumor scares" I've had over the past few years that came to naught, so I guess I'm getting a little paranoid about being the girl who cried tumor. Maybe I'm just paranoid in general.
I did have me some cider and rum with the sushi I made for dinner, so I should be able to fall asleep here pretty soon.
Oh, and I'm a redhead again:
I'm off to sleep! Good night to all!

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