Tuesday, October 14, 2008

[Another Year Older, Another Year... Wider?]

Twenty-five... go figure...

Anyway.  I'm going to be running ragged from now until May.  My graduation list is about a mile long: writing a thesis that has not one word yet written, coming up with questions for and taking comprehensive exams, taking the GRE subject test... not to mention teaching and taking classes like during a normal year.  Not that I want to rush through my life or anything, but I'll be so glad to be finished with acquiring degrees and just teach and live my life.  Wait... what life?   Ha.

I threw myself a 25th birthday party, inviting girlfriends from school and church.  Overall, about nine people came, and it was a good energy.  We played Cranium, ate too much, and laughed ourselves silly.  All-in-all, a good time had by all and confirmation that I love my friends!

So ends another random blog entry about nothingness because I felt the need to update but lacked the time and energy to be original.

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