Wednesday, August 06, 2008

[News, News, and More News]

Whoo!  I got an A in my summer class, and for those of you prone to rolling your eyes in complete and utter, "Well, duh!" let me tell you, I didn't expect it this time.  At all.  I have little natural ability toward formal writing--I'm a narrative writer through and through; this professor very much preferred the formal style.  Yeah, it was tough for me.  But... it's over!

New pending ordeal on the horizon: surgery number seventeen.  Yes, that's right... I have an appointment with a surgeon on Monday.  It turns out that I've got a tumor (almost certainly benign, so no worries, worriers) in my lower back.  It's the reason I've been having trouble walking or standing for extended periods of time, possibly for the past few years.  It measures about 3x6 cm., and it's got to come out before my insurance runs out in December. 

I'm not worried about it, and neither should you, but prayers are appreciated, as I would like to keep it something not to worry about. ;) 

I'm at home for the week.  I'm getting very fat.  I swear, my mom has no notion of normal-sized portions.  For breakfast yesterday, for example, she piled four waffles and two sausage links on a plate and set it in front of me.  My normal breakfast?  A small pastry or a pancake-and-sausage-on-a-stick (looks like a corn dog) and a cup of caffeinated glory.  That's it.  It's plenty.  And if I don't eat all on my plate, Mom asks something like, "You mean you didn't like it?"  Sigh. 

I'm heading back on Friday... and back on a healthy diet.  I like the food she cooks--very much--but not that large of portions every day, especially when I'm inactive like I am in this weather. 

End gripe.

New gripe.

So, last night, I tried to record Now, Voyager, with Bette Davis and Paul Henreid (brilliant movie, by the way).  Weather had interfered back in May, and I'd been waiting all this time for another chance. A half hour into the film... the satellite lost its signal.  Insert fury.  Yeah, I was not happy.  I'm starting to think there's a curse on my attempts to get this movie into my collection. 

End second major gripe.

Okay, so, if you're reading this at my actual website (rather than on Facebook), could you do me a favor and drop me a comment?  I just want to get an idea who's reading this (if anyone).  I think I'm going to try to set it up so you have to check on my actual website ( to read the entry... maybe just posting a note on facebook notifying everyone that there is a new post available for viewing.  Hey, call it vanity if you must, but I put a lot of effort into making this site look the way I wanted it. 

I know, I'm weird.  A little nuts, too.  But that's why you love me, isn't it? ;)

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention... I walloped my hair off again.  The length is still almost the same, but it's got a lot more layers, and it's a pretty modern hairstyle.  I like it, but I'm still getting used to it.  I have pictures posted on facebook, though I think I'm going to have to put some up with the hair straightened.  I think I like the way it lays better that way. 

You should have seen the hair I lost, though.  I have uber-thick hair, if you didn't know, and I got a look at that pile of hair on the floor, swept in the corner, and it looked like two or three pomeranians had fallen asleep together.  It. Was. A. Ton. Of. Hair.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Niki! Just dropping by to say hi. Glad to hear about the A. I know you worked hard for it. Love ya, girlie!

Anonymous said...

sorry...I had to post the above comment under anonymous because I can never remember my info. This is Jenny by the way. :-) Talk to you soon!

Hayley said...

Hey Niki! Just dropping a comment as requested. Love ya lots and miss ya much!