Thursday, August 21, 2008

[The New Year Commences]

Ack!  A summer with only two 3-week breaks goes by hecka fast.  I'm in orientation today, visiting my grandparents this weekend, and classes (for me) start on Tuesday.  Gah!  I still haven't gotten my last signature on my thesis proposal, and it's starting to stress me out.  I have to turn in the proposal to get into the thesis hours "class", and the deadline is rapidly approaching...

If you don't hear from me much over the next nine months, don't be surprised.  I'm going to be running amok with 9 hours of classes, 6 hours I'm teaching, my thesis, and mentoring.  Oh, and I'm actually going to be exercising regularly from now on--I've got an accountability partner in Megan.  At some point, I have to eat, sleep, recoup, go to church and Bible study, and not completely neglect my family and friends.

It's gonna be grand, let me tell ya.

I need a nap. 

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