Friday, June 27, 2008

[Slacker Woman]

I, um, splurged on shoes and doughnuts today. Yeah. Smart girl, right?
Okay, the shoes, I have to say, in spite of my mad-tight budget, were not that big of a sin because I got an insanely good deal. At Payless today, while I was hanging out with my fabulous friend Megan, I spied a pair of lime green and yellow heels with a soft cloth strap. Crazy comfy, and then--I looked down: another pair, in pink and orange! After a quick drool, I saw that the shoes were marked down to six--yes, six!--dollars! After a brief consultation, I decided to go with the green ones--they made me look a little tan, actually. As I check out, the salesperson reminded us that the shoes were all buy one get one half off. With a gasp, Megan and I looked at each other, and, "The pink shoes!" I ran down the aisle.
That's right, I got two pair of kitten-heel shoes that I could wear all day without pain for under ten bucks.

Life just doesn't get any better.

Then, we spent the rest of the day chatting it up and having girl time. I've missed girl time.

So, I get home this evening, and suddenly, the old sweet tooth chimes in. "Doughnuts. I'm craving doughnuts." It became an internal mantra. I couldn't take it. I hopped in my Jeep, drove down Campbell, and invaded Krispy Kreme. We're talking a dozen chocolated-iced, creme/custard-filled (six of each filling)--and mine, all mine.

Of course, I had a slight binge tonight--I've eaten three. But after this, only one each day until they're gone. I'm really not that junky of an eater, I swear. I heart my veggies, I really do. But when that craving hits, usually when my hormones are getting a little jumpy and close to a certain time of month, I lose my good judgment.

So, though I've put it off for awhile, I'll begin making pals with the treadmill in the apartment rec center starting tomorrow. I'm shooting for a mile and a tenth at a speed of at least three miles per hour. That's up a tenth from last time, and because it was a steady, rapid walk, it definitely worked a lot of muscles, including the wicked old abs.

That's right, I'm making yet another vow to exercise. Deja vu, anyone?

Well, kids, a bath is in my near future, and it's getting late. Much love, loves!

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